[radvd-announce-l] Radvd 0.8 released

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Fri Jul 8 08:19:46 EDT 2005


A new radvd maintenance version, 0.8, has been released.  Radvd is an 
IPv6 routing advertisement daemon.

Get it at:  http://www.litech.org/radvd/

The most notable changes are:
- More specific route codepoint has been changed to the official value, 24.
- Fix incorrect calculation of the 6to4 prefix on big-endian architectures.
- Fix a multicast join issue with HUP signal on newer 2.6.12+ Linux kernels.
- Merge some MIPv6 and non-MIPv6 code, improve error messages.
- Improve slightly the error messages from config file parsing.

Please report issues, if any, to the radvd-devel-l at litech.org mailing list.


SHA1 checksums below.

f0bdbfbb1ecc64a7413c08156215b4c3692b6dbe  radvd-0.8-1.rhl73.i386.rpm
975971e2cb87899d8d9457e6916193555d37585b  radvd-0.8-1.rhl9.i386.rpm
b4a67aad15dc11981e4bb79c2e6823098ef9cd29  radvd-0.8-1.src.rpm
d85e8dbcd0aa69540137f7fc05b455c28e67360f  radvd-0.8.tar.gz

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