[radvd-devel-l] multiple RAs

Bhupendra Gothwal gothwal at iitg.ernet.in
Sat Apr 2 15:03:01 EST 2005

dear friends 
            i am having problem while working with the test bed for mobile 
            in my case there are
1) one mobile node (MN)
2) two router (home router(R) and foreign router(AR))
3) one home agent (HA)

i am in my home net but still i am receiving router advertisment from both 
the router.thus my MN interface is assigning care of address(by auto 
configuration) corresponding to both of the router.
that is even i am in the home net i am getting two care of address.
one bye my home router and other by foreign router.

can nebody tell me how to avoid addess autoconfiguration with the other 
router and doing it only with home router.


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