[radvd-devel-l] [PATCH] Add support for NEMO Basic

Ville Nuorvala vnuorval at tcs.hut.fi
Wed Sep 28 07:29:40 EDT 2005

Pekka Savola wrote:

> It seems that this BYTE_ORDER stuff is more widely supported than I 
> realized, so it seems like an OK approach.
> I've committed in the support.  I had to enhance (and a fix an earlier 
> bug because HomeAgentInfo is interface-specific) the radvdump printer 
> for 'radvdump -f' support.  Note that there are two basically identical 
> codepaths with slightly different output formats.. :-( Maybe the defaut 
> mode could be removed..

Sorry, I missed that.

> The diff against CVS is attached.

Looks good!

> What is the status wrt. your NEMO support (e.g., are you making new 
> releases soon?) -- i.e., is there a date by which you'd like us to 
> release a new version of radvd supporting NEMO?

I actually provided a modified version on radvd 0.7.2 when I made my 
initial NEPL 0.1 release, but didn't have the time to contribute the 
changes back into the radvd mainline until now. Sorry!

As I'm planning on doing my next NEPL release some time in the second 
half of October it would be great if the official version of radvd 
supported NEMO by then. This isn't critical in any way, but since you 
asked... :-)

Ville Nuorvala
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Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science,
Helsinki University of Technology
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