[radvd-devel-l] Which version of radvd has been IPv6 ready Logo Phase-1

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Mon Feb 6 05:16:46 EST 2006


  In RFC2461,section 6.2.4,it says:
     For the first few advertisements (up toMAX_INITIAL_RTR_ADVERTISEMENTS) 
sent from an    
     interface when it becomes an advertising interface, if the randomly 
chosen interval is
     greater than MAX_INITIAL_RTR_ADVERT_INTERVAL, the timer SHOULD be set 

  But when I did tests for IPv6 Ready Phase-1, I failed in case 26 of nd. 
The platform is linux, kernel version is 2.6.11-RC2, and radvd version is 
  When I started the radvd while the tcpdump was running, I found it did 
not work as the RFC says. The parameters in radvd.conf are as follows:
    MaxRtrAdvInterval                   600
    MinRtrAdvInterval                   198

  Is there anyone who can help me? Is there a version that can pass the 
IPv6 ready Phase-1?

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