[radvd-devel-l] Concerning AdvRouterAddr

Ville Nuorvala vnuorval at tcs.hut.fi
Mon Jul 31 09:10:52 EDT 2006

Hugo Santos wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Hugo,

>    Radvd's webpage states that it supports Mobile IPv6 but i have a
>  question regarding the support of AdvRouterAddr. RFC 3775 states the
>  following:
>      Router Address (R)
> 	1-bit router address flag.  When set, indicates that the Prefix
> 	field contains a complete IP address assigned to the sending
> 	router.  The indicated prefix is the first Prefix Length (...)
>    However, radvd does not include a complete IP address but instead
>  only the prefix. This is troublesome if we have for instance two
>  routers advertising in a single link the same prefix. Is this a feature
>  or something left to be implemented?

radvd broadcasts whatever you put into radvd.conf. If you enter the the
complete 128-bit router address instead of just the prefix you will get
the kind of RAs you want.



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