[radvd-devel-l] Next radvd release pending, testing/patches wanted :-)

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Fri Jun 9 07:54:25 EDT 2006


Next radvd maintenance release is pending in CVS.  This would likely 
get named 1.0.  I'd welcome testing and/or sending patches which 
should go in before a release.  The release should probably happen 
around the end of June.

Most important changes:

* Unblock SIGALRM signals at startup.  Some scripts/programs
   seem to run radvd from ALRM-blocked context which breaks
   the timers.

* Redefined IgnoreIfMissing: by default, radvd will now
   try to reinitialize failed interfaces automatically.
   IgnoreIfMissing is still needed if radvd is started when the
   interface isn't up, and it also quenches some messages
   relating to missing interfaces.

* Implement RDNSS draft, using non-allocated
   IANA ND type value 25, by Lauréline Provost,
   Mickaël Guérin, Adrien Clerc, Gaetan Eleouet,
   Bahattin Demirplak, Lionel Guilmin (at the
   ENSEEIHT, Toulouse)

* Fix the default STDERR+syslog logging methods, so
   we don't try to unnecessarily log to STDERR after

* radvd-0.9.1 did not initialize AdvDefaultLifetime (etc.)
   appropriately, unbreak the "clean-up".

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