[radvd-devel-l] RDNSS Option

Mickaël Guérin kael at withinthebox.net
Thu Mar 9 13:12:24 EST 2006

Pekka Savola a écrit :

> However, the lifetime and preference values are the same for all the
> DNS server addresses sent using one option, right?

No, you can put several dns servers and each server can have a different
preference and lifetime (like specified in the ietf draft).

> So, it would be more logical to allow syntax like
> RDNSS ip1 [ip2] [ip3] { lifetime 60; ... };
>  or alternatively,
> RNDSS { address ip1; address ip2; address ip3; lifetime 60; ... };
> (that way, there's no need to specify multiple options, and check that
> the lifetime/preference is the same for all the addresses, etc.) ?
> Note that in theory the spec allows the following config syntax:
> RDNSS ip1 { lifetime 60; };
> RDNSS ip2 { lifetime 30; };
> but this would result in sending out two RDNSS options instead of one,
> and this seems unreasonably complicated and isn't really needed, so
> I don't think it needs to be supported.  Do you agree?
I agree, but this (different lifetime & preference) was a need we had
(the work was done at school, so we had to follow the teacher's
instructions -- the teacher was working on working on ad-hoc network but
I've never understood his needs ;) )
I think it's better to follow the draft, there are maybe cases where it
can be usefull.

> How do you feel about this?
the complicated work is only done once (configuration file parsing), so
i think it's not important if the daemon start is a bit complicated.


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