[radvd-devel-l] Alternative ways to request radvd insead of auto broadcast?

k k kelvinskk at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 18 05:50:54 EST 2008


Currently the radvd on my server is doing an auto broadcast every few seconds. Is there any way that I can stop the auto broadcast on the server? Instead, the RA would only be broadcasted when clients do a request. Is this possible?

I've tried using basic client and server sockets to do the following:

1) Client sends "RequestRA" message to Server
2) If Server receives "RequestRA" message, Server starts "radvd"
3) Server executes "killall radvd"
4) Client receives the RA and gets the Ipv6 prefix

However, for the Client to first execute a connection to the Server, the Client may have some problems.
1) Client does not have an IPv6 address, thus it might not be able to connect to the server
2) Client does not know the Server's IPv6 Address. I've tried using ff02::1 as the destination but it couldnt work.

Is there a way to request for the RA without the use sockets? Or is there a better way to improve my sockets?


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