[radvd-devel-l] radvd multicast address

Dustin C. Hatch admiralnemo at pyrocufflink.net
Wed Jan 9 23:22:34 EST 2008

You shouldn't have to modify the multicast address for sending RAs.
ff02::1 is defined in the RFC as the group for receiving IPv6 RAs, so
that is where client's listen for them. If you change this on your
server, you would have to change it on every client as well, in the IPv6
stack of the kernel.

If, after changing the multicast group back to the default, you still
have an issue, let us know. Also, new issues should not be sent in reply
to existing threads.

Dustin C. Hatch

k k wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm experimenting with the multicast address of radvd at the send.c 
> file. By default, the multicast address is set at ff02::1. ff02::1 is a 
> link-local multicast address.
> In my network, I'm using the 2001:106:2700::/64 addressing scheme, which 
> is a global address. I've tried changing the multicast address in send.c 
> to ff0e::1 & reinstalling radvd. The problem comes here: My other PCs in 
> the network could receive the RA(from Ethereal), but they did not 
> autoconfig into the new IP address. The other PCs could only autoconfig 
> when the multicast address in send.c was at ff02::1.
> Am I missing something out?
> Thanks & Regards,
> KiaN
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