[radvd-devel-l] Anything for the next release?

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Wed Oct 15 01:35:20 EDT 2008

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008, Jim Paris wrote:
>> If someone is looking for a spare time project, looking into the
>> -Wconversion warnings might be useful.  I looked at a few and saw a
>> couple that could be an issue, and a lot which aren't but I couldn't
>> find a nice way to silence them.
> -Wconversion results in some unsilencable warnings when the code is
> actually fine, at least on gcc 4.2.  gcc 4.3 seems better, although
> there are still problems that are maybe fixed in gcc 4.4:
>  http://www.nabble.com/gcc-4.3.0,--Wconversion-against--O1-td19574104.html
> Anyway, I think it's a good idea to remove -Wconversion for now.
> Below is a patch to fix some of the complaints, though.  Printing
> pid_t as %ld instead of %d might matter on some (rare) systems;
> the other fixes aren't too important.

Thanks, I've committed this to CVS.

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