[radvd-devel-l] radvd init

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Mon Apr 27 16:44:36 EDT 2009


On Mon, 27 Apr 2009, Jiri Skala wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a maintainer of radvd in fedora. I made little changes in the radvd
> init script.
> There are two changes:
> - removed obsolete NETWORKING_IPV6
> - moved/modified some lines from the init part of script to 'start'
> section -> POSIX compliance

Thanks.  Just wondering, should the echo's be internationalized (or 
-able)?  Currently the errors would be output in English only..

Another comment: the "Insufficient privilege" message should probably 
be changed a little bit because if the binary is missing completely 
(instead of just having no exec bit), the message would be very 

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