[radvd-devel-l] radvd 1.3 release candidate

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Sun Jun 28 14:01:56 EDT 2009


I've posted a radvd 1.3 release candidate, available here:

I'm thinking of releasing this in about a week unless there are issues 
or further patches.

Below are the additions to CHANGES.  (In addition there have been 
minor changes, e.g. to redhat init file.)

24/06/2009      Work around unaligned traps on Alpha, patch from:

19/06/2009      Fixes and enhancements from Michael Stapelberg.  Add a new
                 'clients' interface definition to allow configuring which
                 address to send advertisements and accept from. Use
                 getifaddrs() on BSD because ioctl didn't work on NetBSD 5.
                 Use int instead of bool to make NetBSD 5 happy.

21/01/2009      Add a workaround for Linux in scenarios where libc is
                 providing IPV6_RECV(PKTINFO|HOPLIMIT) has renumbered IPV6_PKTINFO,
                 but kernel doesn't support it yet (<2.6.14).  Found out by
                 Freetz (special thanks to Paul Oranje) and OpenWrt projects.
                 See the source code and CVS changelog for more.

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