[radvd-devel-l] Questions on radvd codes.

Jong-Hyouk Lee jonghyouk at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 04:33:23 EDT 2009

Hi, all.

For days, I'm looking at codes of radvd v1.5. Here is my questions on radvd
codes. If anyone knows, please let me figure out.

1. Where is codes used to update (modify) the routing information when RA
messages arrived? Is it done by Linux kernel? So, radvd doesn't have such
functions? I couldn't find out.

2. Radvd is used to send RA messages periodically even if there is no RS
messages sent from neighbors. I just wanted to see the codes related to it
(i.e., sending unsolicited RA messages periodically to neighbors in a
broadcast manner). As I know, when radvd starts, it firsts sends RA messages
by executing kickof_adverts(). Then, it goes into the loop (i.e., for(; ;)).
Which places in the codes shall I look? I just want to see the related codes
for sending unsolicited RA messages periodically to neighbors.

Many thanks!

IMARA Team, INRIA, France.
Jong-Hyouk Lee.

#email: jonghyouk (at) gmail (dot) com || jong-hyouk.lee (at) inria (dot) fr
#webpage: http://hurryon.googlepages.com/
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