[radvd-devel-l] [PATCH] Deprecate draft RDNSS parameters

Pierre Ossman pierre-list at ossman.eu
Wed Dec 8 11:52:05 EST 2010

(seems like the mail server ate my first mail. apologies for any
possible duplicates...)

The preference and open fields in the RDNSS option was never included
in the final RFC. It was marked as only for experimental use in the man
file, but I think any experiments should be over by now and abusing
reserved fields only prevents proper use in the future. This was made
worse by the fact that the default wasn't 0, so everyone using radvd
was most likely "experimenting".

This patch removes support for those flags, but still allows them in
the config file so that we don't break existing setups.

Next up... RFC6106. :)

     -- Pierre Ossman

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