[radvd-devel-l] radvd-1.7pre1

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Thu Dec 16 05:32:42 EST 2010


There have been plenty of patches and changes that have recently been 
added to CVS.  I've wrapped this up in a mid-term test release to play 



14/12/2010      Deprecate old, pre-RFC5006 parameters.
                 Support RFC6106 by adding DNS Search List support.
                 From Pierre Ossman.

14/12/2010      Integrate cleanup patches from Reuben Hawkins:
                 - 14/05: patch configure.in to allow OSX 10.6 builds
                 - 05/06: Unnecessary >255 test when using uint8_t
                 - 06/06: fix fscanf parsing on Linux
                 - 10/12: Fix whitespaces; #includes; CLEANFILES
                 From Ben Greear:
                 - 05/11: Print errors on all exit() codepaths.
                 From Iain J. Watson:
                 - 09/12: Add '-c' flag to test configuration.
                 From Pierre Ossman (idea):
                 - 13/12: Remove automake-generated files.

04/05/2010      Fix a segmentation fault on reload_config() timer list
                 corruption that only occurs with multiple interfaces.

10/03/2010      Fix radvd skipping multiple interfaces when
                 UnicastOnly is on or AdvSendAdvert is off.
                 This got broken in radvd 1.3. Patch from Cedric BAIL.

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