[radvd-devel-l] Some recent patches applied to CVS

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Thu Jan 28 08:39:12 EST 2010


I've added some patches to CVS recently, and it would be nice if these 
could get more testing and eyeballs.  I'd be tempted to release a new 
version of radvd within a couple of weeks if I get some testing and/or 
new patches.

CHANGES log since 1.5:

28/01/2010      Decrease MSG_SIZE from 4096 to about 1500B. Send buffer
                 uses a smaller size in order to avoid sending out
                 fragmented packets, yet being able to receive full-size

28/01/2010      Keep track of buffer size and exit if the number of
                 prefixes/routes/etc. would grow too much. Prevent a memory
                 corruption due to wrong memset. Patches from Jan
                 Görig, Red Hat bug #554125.

22/01/2010      On BSD use getifaddrs() also in setup_deviceinfo(),
                 fixes a multiple interfaces problem on NetBSD 5 due to
                 change in data structures. Patch from Michael Stapelberg.

07/11/2009      Allow radvd.conf prefix, clients, route, and RDNSS options
                 to be in any order.  Patch from Michael Stapelberg.

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