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Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Tue Mar 1 01:05:36 EST 2011

On Mon, 28 Feb 2011, Reuben Hawkins wrote:
> No.  It's not really possible with radvd.  Radvd's main purpose is to advertise the network prefix(es).  A host can
> trigger radvd to send the prefix, and radvd logs the link local address, but the host doesn't obtain its address
> from radvd, only the network prefix(es).  The host creates its own address, and verifies it's unique with DAD
> (Duplicate Address Detection).  Radvd in unaware what address the host configured.
> Additionally, a host can just wait for a periodic advertisement...  So a host may receive the prefix info from radvd
> and autoconfigure without radvd knowing about it.
> DHCPv6 may do something like that (but that's a question for a different mailing list)...

To add to this, there isn't much that radvd (router advertisement) can 
do about this.

The two basic models here are:
  1) DHCPv6 address configuration where DHCP server updates DNS
  2) Stateless address configuration where the host updates DNS

We wrote a little bit about this in Section 7 of RFC4472.

The biggest issue in the general case with 2) IMHO is authorization to 
do the DNS update.

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