[radvd-devel-l] Fwd: radvd, conditional prefix advertising

Lukasz Stelmach stlman at poczta.fm
Wed Mar 30 10:23:08 EDT 2011


I've got radvd installed on my router ("bundled" with openWRT) so I
can enjoy "native" IPv6 connectivity in my LAN. However, I've got no
native IPv6 uplink, only a tunnel to a SixXS pop. Because of this and
the fact that all my IPv6 capable devices are dual-stack most DNS
queries go via IPv4. Considering rules described in RFC3484 and
implemented in getaddrinfo() a host with a configured global IPv6
address (radvd's working) may obtain an AAAA record and choose to use
it while there is actually no IPv6 connection (the tunnel's not
working, I know the problem may be anywhere along the path but tunnel
malfunction is the most probable cause) causing annoying lag.

My proposal (kind feature request) for radvd to mitigate this
sitiuation, is to introduce an option for conditional prefix
advertising. A prefix should be advertised only if certain condition
is met e.g. uplink interface is up. Or even more flexible way: run a
command/script that if succeeds allows advertising (eg. ip link show
dev sixxs | grep -q '[<,]UP[,>]' but it could be as complex as to
include some traceroutes).

P.S. There is an RFC-TO-BE No. 6204, which describes requirements
for Customer Edger routers, and there seem to be more cases that
radvd could implement.
Best regards,
Łukasz Stelmach

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