[radvd-devel-l] [BUG Report]Prefix announce when AdvPreferredLifetime equals 0.

Reuben Hawkins reubenhwk at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 10:06:58 EST 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 5:10 PM, Li Wei <lw at cn.fujitsu.com> wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I'm using radvd-1.8.1 on my fedora box and noticed that when
> AdvPreferredLifetime set to zero, the Prefix option will missing
> in the RA packet.
> I also noticed a "DecrementLifetimes" config option was added, but
> when this option set to off, I expected radvd sends RA packets with
> a prefix option(PreferredLifetime equals zero).
> Thanks,
> Wei

Hi Wei,

Thanks for the report.  I won't have time to look into it for a couple
weeks.  If nobody gets to this before then, I'll look into it.


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