[radvd-devel-l] Base6Interface usage

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.ru
Sat Mar 3 17:43:51 EST 2012


I am trying to use the Base6Interface feature in a fairly basic way:

interface home2.3 {
    AdvSendAdvert on;
    prefix ::/64 { Base6Interface home2.3; }

All I get is this cryptic message:

[Mar 04 04:38:25] radvd: automatically selecting the prefix and Base6to4Interface are mutually exclusive
[Mar 04 04:38:25] radvd: error parsing or activating the config file: /etc/radvd.conf
[Mar 04 04:38:25] radvd: Exiting, failed to read config file.

My config does not have the Base6to4Interface option anywhere in it.

Also I have a question regarding its design:

       Base6Interface name

              If  this options is specified, this prefix will be combined with
              the IPv6 address  of  the  interface  specified  by  name.   The
              resulting prefix length will be 64.

In the IPv6 world it's going to be really really common for an interface to
have multiple IPv6 addresses out of different prefixes, in addition to
link-local and maybe ULA. And the man page talks about "the" IPv6 address?
Sorry but which one?

In fact maybe this is the problem I am hitting above? The interface in
question does have 4 IPv6 addresses configured, 2 global, 1 ULA and 1

With respect,

"Stallman had a printer,
with code he could not see.
So he began to tinker,
and set the software free."
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