[radvd-devel-l] [radvd] Is the online mailing-list up2date?

Reuben Hawkins reubenhwk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 16:59:20 EDT 2013

Hi Sedat,

The mailing list is up to date as far as I know.  I lost steam and interest
in v2.0 when I ran into some design problems.  I'm leaning toward
cherry-picking the best parts from the 2.0 branch when needed and
continuing down the 1.x branch indefinitely.


On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 11:05 AM, Sedat Dilek <sedat.dilek at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Reuben,
> is the online radvd ML not updated?
> The last entry is from April 2013 "[radvd-devel-l] radvd v2.0 alpha
> soon   Reuben Hawkins"
> I have the ML-address from the project's website [3].
> Did it change recently?
> Greetings,
> - Sedat -
> [1] http://lists.litech.org/pipermail/radvd-devel-l/
> [2] http://lists.litech.org/pipermail/radvd-devel-l/2013-April/date.html
> [3] http://www.litech.org/radvd/
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