[radvd-devel-l] v2.0-rc1

Reuben Hawkins reubenhwk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 15:56:14 EDT 2014


Radvd v2.0-rc1 has been posted.  There are some substantial changes to the
code, although there should be little to no changes to the command line
options or the config file.  I plan to leave 2.0 in rc status for a while
although this is now the master branch in git and 1.x has been forked.

The big changes in v2.0 include some of these...
* interface setup does *not* happen in the parser any more
** This is so the parser can run as non-root (to check config syntax)
** It also helps to setup the interfaces outside the parser if/when netlink
detects iface changes
* netlink (and send_ra) will now bring up, or shutdown a single interface
** radvd use to just call reload_config (which was awful)
* c99 scope being used
* fewer global variables
** This is an effort to make things testable
* more static functions
* disable autoconfig on radvd interfaces
** It's really ugly when an interface autoconfigs using its own RA

There were way over 100 commits initially, most of which I wrote over a
long period of time.  I attempted to rewrite the history to give things a
cleaner appearance.  I had plenty of opportunity to mess things up, so
testing and review will be appreciated.

One other note: device-bsd44.c hasn't been tested at all.

Thanks in advance,
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