[radvd-devel-l] radvd not acting on recieved RA's

Iain Young radvd-devel-l@litech.org
Sun, 18 Nov 2001 18:14:05 +0000


I seem to have a problem with radvd not acting on Router Advertisments
received from a Cisco 2620.

I know the RA's are being sent, and received, as I can see them with

I am running linux-2.4.15-pre5 (linus), and radvd 0.6.2pl4, with ip, 
from ip route2 reporting iproute2-ss001007

Everything _seems_ fine, but no addresses ever get added to the
ethernet interface.

Although I am using a 6-to-4 tunnel, on the other side of the Cisco,
I have a /48 delegated to me, and it is this I reference on both the
cisco, and radvd config.

The cisco config is:

c2620#sh ipv6 int Fa0/0.2
FastEthernet0/0.2 is up, line protocol is up
  IPv6 is enabled, link-local address is FE80::202:4BFF:FE5D:B920
  Global unicast address(es):
    3FFE:B80:43E:2:202:4BFF:FE5D:B920, subnet is 3FFE:B80:43E:2::/64
  Joined group address(es):
  MTU is 1500 bytes
  ICMP error messages limited to one every 500 milliseconds
  ICMP redirects are enabled
  ND DAD is enabled, number of DAD attempts: 1
  ND reachable time is 30000 milliseconds
  ND advertised reachable time is 0 milliseconds
  ND advertised retransmit interval is 0 milliseconds
  ND router advertisements are sent every 200 seconds
  ND routeo advertisements live for 1800 seconds
  Hosts use stateless autoconfig for addresses.

/etc/radvd.conf contains:

interface eth0
	AdvSendAdvert off;
	AdvManagedFlag off;
	AdvOtherConfigFlag off;
	AdvReachableTime 0;
	AdvRetransTimer 0;
	AdvCurHopLimit 64;
	AdvHomeAgentFlag off;
	AdvSourceLLAddress on;

	prefix 3ffe:b80:43e:2::/64
		AdvValidLifetime 43200;
		AdvPreferredLifetime 43200;
		AdvOnLink on;
		AdvAutonomous on;
		AdvRouterAddr off;
	}; # End of prefix definition

}; # End of interface definition

(Although the cisco is using a sub interface (ie a vlan), the port
the machine is connected to on the switch is set as an access vlan
port only, so this _shouldn't_ have any effect. As far as the Linux
box is concerned, it's LAN interface is eth0. It has no vlan module

Is there something I need to configure on the Cisco to get it to
work with radvd, or do I need the USAGI patches ?

Any help that anyone can give, will be most appreciated, This is
all very confusing and frustrating.

All the Best


PS: A quick suggestion for radvd: Allow dots in the device name, as
currently it wont allow me to add vlan interfaces, because '.' is
seen as a parse error (radvdump also sees any RA's sent to the vlan
interfaces from the cisco)

(I would actually submit a patch myself, but my yacc/bison is non-
existant, and I _think_ thats where the change needs to be made)