[radvd-devel-l] default route not getting deleted

Magesh mannar mageshmannar at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 17 08:16:07 EST 2006

  I am using FC1 and radvd -0.7.2 (which came along with FC1 when i installed). I have a very simple scenario.
  Router (R) ---(wireless link in adhoc mode)-----Host (H)
  I start radvd in the router R with very simple configuration (pls see below). 
  Host H receives the radvd msg , does address autoconfiguration (EUI-64) and adds the router R as the default router . Everything works fine as expected till now. Now i stop radvd in router R. After the AdvValidLife time (300 sec), the IPv6 address is removed from the interface but the default route still remains. May i know why is it happening. Am i missing something in the configruation file.
  Any suggestions
  Many thanks 

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