[radvd-devel-l] radvd 1.1rc2 released

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Mon Jan 21 03:38:49 EST 2008

I've released a new radvd 1.1 release candidate, get it at:


'rpmbuild -ta radvd-1.1rc2.tar.gz' will produce RPMs.

Testing is welcome.  New patches are also welcome. I'll probably need 
to release 1.1 in 1-2 weeks.

CHANGES from 1.1rc1 to 1.1rc2:

21/01/2008      Make config_interface() work when starting up by postponing
                 root-privilege dropping.

21/01/2008      Fix stderr+syslog logging crash (on non-i386).  Analysis and
                 patch by Jim Paris (Debian bug #409600).

CHANGES from 1.0 to 1.1rc1:

01/12/2007      Require that interface is also 'RUNNING' instead of just
                 'UP', except if IgnoreIfMissing is enabled.  The reason is
                 that at least some recent Linux kernels do not generate
                 link-local addresses before interface is running and as
                 a result, the startup may fail if network cable is unplugged
                 in any case.

                 Note: this could break deployments with some very old
                 kernels, see more info at:


25/10/2007      Implement automatically selecting and advertising an
                 interface address, see radvd.conf(5) for more.  Add
                 a warning about not being able to set interface
                 variables with non-root user.  Relax interface naming
                 a bit.

25/06/2007      Send prefix, route and RDNSS options (matters if there
                 are many RDNSS options) in the same order they appear
                 in the configuration; add support for AdvDefaultLifetime
                 in radvdump (patches from C. Scott Ananian)

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