[radvd-devel-l] Multiple radvds in a local network

Andre Nathan andre at digirati.com.br
Thu Aug 18 07:55:45 EDT 2011


I'm setting up some servers that will run virtual machines using IPv6.
The network topology is something like this:

     |                                  | 
     | eth0: 2001:db8:fedc:aaaa::1      | eth0: 2001:db8:fedc:aaaa::2
+----+----+                        +----+----+
| server1 |                        | server2 | 
+----+----+                        +----+----+
     | br0: 2001:db8:fedc:abcd::1       | br0: 2001:db8:fedc:cdef::1
     |                                  | 
     | VM network 1:                    | VM network 1:
     | 2001:db8:fedc:abcd::/64          | 2001:db8:fedc:cdef::/64
+----+----+                        +----+----+
|    |    |                        |    |    | 
vm1  vm2  vm3                      vm4  vm5  vm6

I'm trying to avoid using the network's default gateway to route the
packets from a VM in a server to one in another server, because with
many hosts it would become a bottleneck.

My idea is then to have each server advertise a route to its own VM
network to the other servers. So in the example above, server1 would
advertise a route to 2001:db8:fedc:abcd::/64 and server2 to

I have this in server1's radvd.conf:

interface eth0 {
  AdvSendAdvert on;
  prefix 2001:db8:fedc:abcd::/64 { };
  route  2001:db8:fedc:abcd::/64 { };

I can see this information being received on server2 if I run "rdisc6
eth0", but for some reason the route isn't being added to its routing

I'm new to radvd so I'm not sure if it's supposed to work like that, but
if so, what could I be missing here?

Thanks in advance,

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