[radvd-devel-l] Multiple radvds in a local network

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Router advertisements are meant for hosts for stateless auto-configuration (i.e. for IP address assignment). They are not meant for other routers. They are not meant to distribute routing information. Router advertisement is not a routing protocol (it's router, not routing advertisement) and radvd is not a routing daemon.

Basically, there is no relationship between router advertisements and local routing tables. You can often see hosts adjusting local routing tables, but that happens as a result of IP address assignment, and not as a direct consequence of receiving router advertisement.

If you want routing tables to be updated then you need to use a "real" routing protocol and a real routing daemon (which, as I mentioned, radvd is not).


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Subject: [radvd-devel-l] Multiple radvds in a local network
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I have been looking at the relationship between the router advertisementsand local routing tables.  For example, I've observed that enabling ipv6forwarding on a host will block updates to the default ipv6 route on that host
as learned by listening to router advertisements.  My goals are similar to thosepursued by Mr. Nathan.
ATM, I'm still researching.  I haven't been able to find documentation about
*how* router advertisements are expected to be used.  For example, shouldthe kernel be expected to add routes to networks published as router advertisements?
Are there any suggestions as to where to read-up on the uses of router advertisements?


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