[radvd-devel-l] radvd v1.9.4-rc1 tarball?

Reuben Hawkins reubenhwk at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 16:04:18 EDT 2013

> > Would the numerical sorting work if I changed to 1.9.4-1rc, 1.9.4-2rc,
> etc?
> >
> Hahaha, creative guy!
> Any string containing "rc" is not comparable.
> From my experiences in (F)OSS 1.9.4-rc1 ("hyphen") is more often seen
> than 1.9.4rc1
> As recommended I am in favor of v1.9.3.901 and use "RC1" in the
> announcement/website/etc.

I'll add the hyphen next time (if I remember), but I have a huge mental
block preventing me from doing the .3.901 thing (and, so far, I haven't
found a workaround)  ;)

> - Sedat -
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