[radvd-devel-l] NDP proxy for a subnet : radvd can help ?

Thibault VINCENT tibal at reloaded.fr
Sun Mar 21 14:17:26 EDT 2010


Radvd may not be the proper solution to my problem, but since I can't
find any other alternative, it's my only card.

There's a box plugged in a network I don't manage, it's allowed to use a
whole /56 but this subnet is not routed to the host's address, the whole
thing rely on NDP. As a result, if I want this Linux box to act as a
router I have to add every address to route in the neighbor proxy list.
For individual hosts it was ok, but I can't use this for a large subnet...
The idea : a daemon that would advertise every solicitation within the

At first I thought radvd was able to do this but it seems not. Is that a
feature that could be implemented ? Or do you know an other way to
achieve that ?


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